Climate Week 2020

Get Involved with Climate Week 2020 Today!

From April 19th-April 25th!

       Climate Week will broaden climate change awareness and knowledge in New Haven High Schools by engaging students and educators in activities that will increase action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the public health of the community.

       A list of different program options are available which may be used by different teachers, departments, grade levels, and clubs throughout the schools.

   What activities can occur at your school?

       Teachers and students are encouraged to come up with their own list of activities during this special week, as they know their school environment best, and what works best for them. Other non-school youth organizations or clubs are also invited to participate in Climate Week.

We would love to hear from you about ideas and resources you would like to see and accomplish during Climate Week 2020.

If your school is interested, or if you have any ideas you would like to see during Climate Week at your school, please contact

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