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About Climate Health Education Project (CHEP)

The Climate Health Education Project offers an online resource for educators who want to bring climate education into their schools. All students and teachers can become involved with climate education, and CHEP has different types of resources for English, Social Studies, Science, and Art classes, as well clubs and student-led activities. CHEP activities can help create a stronger response to climate
disruption, and create leaders who are better prepared for challenges in the future.

All greater New Haven area high schools are invited to use this site to lead lessons and activities geared towards climate change awareness, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating healthier families and communities, and improving energy independence. Efforts throughout the year push towards culminating events and projects during Climate Health and Energy Week each April. 

We provide a list of program and activity options/ educational resources which individual teachers, departments, grade levels, entire schools, and school districts can all use to match their specific needs. Students are also invited to participate by checking out the resources we provide for clubs and youth organizations in our resources drop-down!

If you have any great ideas for new resources or plans to get students motivated to act on climate change, don't hesitate to share them with us!   


CHEP is a project of the New Haven Leon Sister City Project.

2022-23 CHEP Interns

The Climate Health Education Projects (CHEP) currently has high school interns leading climate education in two area high schools: Hopkins & ESUMS and NHPS alum as a coordinator and communication intern.

Read more about them below!

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