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Next Generation Science Standards for high school. Connecticut lawmakers have officially adopted NGSS.

General Science

Guidance in teaching climate and energy from the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

Climate Change Education

Curriculum from Stanford for high school students

Climate Change Education - Middle School

Curriculum from Stanford for middle school students

Science Activity Ideas from CABE Green Day Activity Kit

Includes how to create a biosphere in a bottle, learn all the energy it takes it make a burger, and creating your own biofuels. 

Climate Science and Policy Lesson Plan This activity includes various skills such as reading graphs. It allows students to apply their knowledge of increasing concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere and how it affects biodiversity and ecosystems, and understand the carbon cycle better.

Writing about climate change

Part 1: Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning 

Part 2: Well Written Explanation 

Translating Qualitative & Quantitative Details: Climate Change

Young People's Trust for the Environment

Free downloadable lesson plans and factsheets 

Climate Change Fact Sheet

Climate Change and Animals Fact Sheet  

The Problem with Plastic

EPA Resources for educators

Comprehensive list of lessons, activities and experiments for all age groups

High School Sustainability Lessons

From Green Education Foundation. Science, health, social studies, language arts, math, and creativity options.

Sustainable Transportation Lesson 

Alternative Fuel Lesson

Anti-idling Lesson  

Buy, use, toss? An interdisciplinary curriculum examining how we buy things in the US. 

The Scientific Method in Action

Climate Curriculum by School Level

Created by Boston Public School Science teachers and students - resources for high school, middle school and elementary school

NOAA Climate Education Webinar Archives

Climate and Earth Science

Climate and Earth Science Education

Environmental Science, Education, and Stewardship

Lab activity on why some molecules absorb heat better than others. 

Interactive game to learn about the causes and effects of climate change. 

Students in a Science Class

Featured project:

Eco-fair project from our partners at Metropolitan Business Academy 

Students design their own research project answering the question "How is the Climate Changing?" and present their ideas at an Eco Fair where other students can come an see their ideas

Science Class
Wind Turbines


Where do you get your energy?

Renew-a-bean activity to teach conservation and renewable energy using beans. 

Solar Activities including: building a solar water heater, building a solar cooker and creating a model solar house 


Wind Energy: students create their own wind machines and use them for various experiments 

All of the above from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Full document here 

Renewable/ Non Renewable Resources Activity PowerPoint

Classroom activity with popcorn to better understand concept of nonrenewable energy

National Energy Education Development curriculum resources.

CleanLine Energy Partners

Renewable energy, wind and solar power basics with games and experiments

Energy Efficiency Ambassadors learn how different types of light use energy and discuss how you can educe energy waste at home 

Stabilization Wedges- 15 way to cut carbon from Princeton Carbon Mitigation Initiative. Students work in groups to choose the best combination of technology, policy, and tools to reduce our carbon output. Depending on knowledge level of students this could be a single lesson at the end of a unit or a whole unit in itself.  

Biology and Public Health

Go Fish lesson to explain the tragedy of the commons and the over use of resources using goldfish

Lesson Plans for Grades 4-8

Resources from University of Texas at Austin with information about the author of each lesson plan

American Public Health Association

Information resource climate change relation to public health. APHA’s efforts and hope for more awareness - video as well


Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative Information

Climate change implications for health, current/projected health effects of climate change, ways that reduced greenhouse gas emissions will help

Hot Potato: Climate Change, Food Systems, and You

Live video school program for grades 6-12 from the American Museum of Natural History


Climate Change: The Public Health Response 

Academic article from the American Journal of Public Health

Center for Climate Change & Health 

Website and Center for Climate Change & Health connected with Public Health Institute

Long-term student-directed project on climate change's effect on human health and disease 



Khan Academy: “How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity”


National Geographic: Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye 

National Geographic: Energy 101: Biofuels

National Geographic: Energy 101: Solar PV


AsapSCIENCE: What if All The Ice Melted on Earth? Ft. Bill Nye


NASA: How Global Warming Stacks Up 


NASA’s Earth Minute: Sea Level Rise


NASA’s Earth Minute: Gas Problem


NASA’s Earth Minute: Earth Has a Fever

MinuteEarth: "Science and Stories about our awesome planet!" 

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: Climate Change: The State of the Science

Our Climate - Our Future short videos.

Ted TalkGavin Schmidt: The Emergent Patterns of Climate Change

Vox: Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn't have to. Can we deliver ourselves from packaging waste?

CNNMoney: Google Earth Timelapses show Climate Change


TIME: Three Decades of Earth Seen from Space 

Google Earth Shows 30 Years of Climate Change

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