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Reach Out to Your Legislators

Contact your state and local legislators here

State Board of Education:

Office of Board Matters:

Connecticut State Department of Education
450 Columbus Boulevard - Suite 606
Hartford, CT 06103 
Telephone: 860-713-6510

New Haven Superintendant Dr. Iline Tracey:

Phone: (475) 220-1003

Whether you're a student, teacher, or parent, you can email your local legislators telling them you want climate education required in your school district!

Climate Week All Year Long!

       Climate Week broadens climate change awareness and knowledge by engaging students and educators in activities that will increase action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the public health of the community.

       A list of different program options is available which may be used by different teachers, departments, grade levels, and clubs throughout the schools.

   What activities can occur at your school?


Teachers and students are encouraged to come up with their own list of activities during this special week, as they know their school environment best, and what works best for them!

We would love to hear from you about ideas and resources!

If your school is interested, or if you have any fun climate education ideas, please contact

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