Climate Justice Schools 

What is a climate justice school? 

  • A climate justice school recognizes the impact of climate change on marginalized communities and future generations and actively works towards curbing the human cost of a changing climate 

  • A climate justice school engages students and teachers in becoming a positive force of change in their communities and the world 

Why is climate justice important? 

  • Because marginalized communities are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change 

  • Because low income communities and developing countries are hit the hardest by climate change, but did the least to contribute to the problem 

  • Because wealthy countries and corporations are profiting while making the world a more dangerous place to live 

Becoming a climate justice school 


  • Students and teachers will help lead efforts to limit damage and create healthier communities

  • Teachers of all subjects will incorporate climate change education into the curriculum

  • Schools will adopt projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Examples include: energy efficiency efforts by students at home, public education about climate change, promotion of alternative transportation, explore healthier less GHG food choices (e.g.meatless Mondays).

  • Schools will adopt projects to support marginalized communities in responding to climate change, like cooling rural schools in tropics as climate warms, drought preparation, solar installation, etc.

Get help from us


  • Use this site to facilitate climate change education by teachers in the classroom as well as student-led projects 

  • Get ideas and resources for greenhouse gas reduction projects

  • Get connected with climate justice projects for impacted communities in New Haven and internationally

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