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Global Climate Impacts on Local Communities

Share Climate impacts around the world

Submission Instructions:
Climate change is impacting people and places all around the world. Think of a place (it can be a community, city, a state, or a country) that you care about. How will it be impacted by climate change? Will there be larger storms, sea level rise, more droughts, or wildfires? If you have a connection to this place, you can include that in your paragraph, or if you would prefer, you can be kept anonymous. You can write your paragraph in English or another language you know. These paragraphs (and pictures and videos) are going to be part of a public display put on by the Climate Health Education Project (CHEP) and the New Haven Climate Movement, and will be documented in the online map below.

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Click on pins below to see climate impact posts and pictures.

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CHEP will be collecting essays and visuals to both present at a  public event and include in an online map.

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