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Art project ideas from the CABE Green Day Activity Kit. Includes mural, mosaic, clothing and design ideas 

Art projects that sprung up around Paris during the climate summit in 2015. 

Activity/discussion ideas: 

  • Discuss how art can be a political statement and the impact it can make 

  • Design an art project that can be displayed around your school that conveys a message on climate change 

  • Create advertisements that can teach people about climate change

Artists and Climate Change: Examples from around the world of artists taking charge of the climate conversation 

An Underwater Museum Teeming with Life TED Talk by James Taylor. Shows Taylor's underwater sculptures that help marine creatures amid the loss of reefs. 

The Beauty in Our Melting World Video about pastel artist Zaria Forman who draws ice and ocean landscapes capturing the beauty of the environment along with climate change. 


Ocean sculpture created out of trash

Photojournalism and Photography: powerful images can wake the public up to a crisis.


  • Find images that convey a message about climate change to share and discuss with the class. 

  • Take pictures around your neighborhood and city that show the human impact on the environment or the positive actions being done to combat climate change 

Our Polar Regions are Simply 'Melting Away' and It's a Beautiful Disaster. Huffington Post article by James Gerkin about Camille Seaman and her artic photography capturing climate change. 

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