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A collection of poems written by students on climate change from the Young Poets Network.


Lesson idea: during a unit on poetry, give students a few of these poems of different styles to read and discuss and then create a poem of their own 

UN Climate Summit Poem: "Dear Matafele Peinem" 

A Language of Change by David Sergeant 

Sonnets: Love Poems in the Time of Climate Change 

Example from our partners at High School in the Community: host a school-wide poetry competition where students submit poems on climate change. Select faculty judge the poems and award a gift card to the best poem.

Read their 2018 winner here

Matt Harvey


10 Research Paper Topics on Climate Change 

If you were president, what would you do about climate change?

Life in the future writing activity: Imagine the life of someone your age in your town or city 50 years from now. What will it look like? How will it have changed? (from CABE green day activity kit)

Writing about climate change

Part 1: Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning 

Part 2: Well Written Explanation 

Translating Qualitative & Quantitative Details: Climate Change

Speech and Debate 

Natural Gas: A Cleaner Energy Solution or Just another Fossil Fuel? A writing and debate activity from National Geographic

Decision Making: A Mock Town Meeting on a Proposed Tank Farm Students take on different roles in order to decide if a company is allowed to build a new plant in a fictional town

Cars of the future public speaking project


Teach climate related vocab and assign level appropriate writing assignment using the target words 

What is climate change? video and corresponding worksheet. From busyteacher.org

First to Fall: an ESL class on the first casualties of climate change. Goes through three stages of conducting an ESL class on climate change. From busyteacher.org

NASA Earth Minute. Short videos with illustrations and subtitles that help explain different aspects of climate change. 

In a class with students from many different countries: have students compare and contrast the U.S. with their home countries on attitudes towards the environment, contributions to climate change, and actions towards tackling the problem. 

Climate change lesson from BBC Teaching English

Breaking News English. New Articles in seven levels of difficulty. Articles on the environment here

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