Social Studies

Civics and Politics

If you were president, what would you do about climate change? 

Decision Making: A Mock Town Meeting on a Proposed Tank Farm 

Students take on different roles in order to decide if a company is allowed to build a new plant in a fictional town

Coal Comes to Anytown: A Public Meeting 

From the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

Call on government and corporate leaders to say no to single-use plastics. Could be used as part of a lesson on participating in democracy, petitions, or contacting representatives 

Yale Climate Change and Politics Survey

Activity idea: Develop and conduct a school-wide opinion poll on various issues related to climate change and the government's response 

Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Citizen Climate Curriculum 

Grades 9-12. Free downloads of curriculum guides and worksheets. From Climate Generation. Helps students understand the social, economic, and political causes and implications of climate change and gives them the necessary tools to make their opinions heard. 

Article on Plastic Bans Around the World

World Wildlife Fund: New Hope on Climate Change. When the government won't lead change, it's up to the public. 

Buy, use, toss? An interdisciplinary curriculum examining how we buy things in the US. 


The industrial revolution: show pictures of New Haven before and after the industrial revolution (some examples on this page). Discuss how life did and didn't change for the better and worse and how people dealt with the changes. 


How we got here. New Haven from Native American settlements until now, a good overview and detailed maps

Population growth and urbanization in the industrial age talks about how industrialization changed Connecticut cities and discusses how congestion and pollution drove people out of city centers and how the poor working class suffered from the downfalls of industrialization 

Learning from the past: what mistakes have been made in the past and how can we learn from them? 

A timeline of global warming 

How do we balance Environmental Conservation with Human Needs? 


This Changes Everything 

Eight lesson plans on how our expanding economy impacts the environment

Industry and the Environment 

Discuss and research industry, the life cycle of everyday items, and companies that are incorporating green practices into their business model

Playing it Cool: A Renewable Energy Economics Game 

Students buy and sell electricity from various sources—coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, and renewables—under a variety of economic conditions. By seeing prices rise and fall, students learn about economic barriers and opportunities for renewables. From the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

The Government Energy Budget: A Simulation

This simulation encourages students to weigh the relative merits of various energy sources and envision the future of energy use in the United States. From the Union of Concerned Scientists.

TED Talk: An Economic Case for Protecting the Planet

Climate Change and Social Justice 

Climate Change and Questions of Justice 

Curriculum from Brown University with readings, role plays, and lessons available

UN Secretary General on Plastic Waste and a Peaceful Future 

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