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Resources and Activities 

Resources and Activity Ideas

We are always adding more activities and ideas;

We would love to hear from you about ideas and resources you would like to see here. email us!

This site is for educators, students, and administrators who want to bring climate education into their schools! On this page you will find ideas for school-wide activities and events, assemblies, and field trips. Navigate to the sub-pages for resources for Quick Facts, COVID-19, English, Social Studies, Science, Spanishand Art teachers as well as for clubs and student-led activities


We hope that you will use these resources to foster the knowledge and passion in your students necessary to create a generation better prepared to act on the greatest issue of our time.  


Online Classes for Middle and High School Students (especially helpful during COVID-19)

Environmental Impact Class (Varsity Tutors) - offered during summer as well, grades 9 to 12

Environmental Hero Class (Varsity Tutors) - grades 6 to 8

School-Wide Activities and Challenges 

Green Schools Initiative Take the green school quiz and learn how to make your school greener and healthier. Learn how to start the school year off green

Get a full list of resources for teachers here.

Example of an initiative in California with ideas to help schools reduce their energy usage and costs. 

National Wildlife Federation

Become an Eco-School

Water Awareness and action kit - school-wide activities & classroom lessons

Resource from Ontario, Canada - options for all different grade levels, water conservation focus, data collection sheets, worksheets regarding water focus, learning activities.

Green Schoolyards America 

10 ways schools can reduce carbon emissions.

Article from the UK with advice to adapt locally. 

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climate change education

Bring a Speaker or Assembly to your school!

Michelle Eckman: CT audubon Director of Education

Joel Tolman: Director of Impact & Engagement at Common Ground

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication: 203-432-5055

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies 


Yale School of Public Health

ACE Assembly: “The ACE Assembly combines airtight science with pop-culture entertainment for an unforgettable experience.”

Teaching Climate Change

NPR 8 Ways to Teach Climate Change in Almost Any Classroom


Teach Climate Justice

Expand your knowledge and teaching techniques with an edX course on climate change education. 


This Summer: The Climate Justice Schools Initiative

CHEP is working with New Haven Climate Movement to get the New Haven Board of Education to pass the Climate Justice Schools Initiative. 

Click Here to Learn More

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